• GuiGuang Railway 12 standard integrated project management information system

    GuiGuang 12 the railway

    GuiGuang wide high speed rail (guiyang - guangzhou) connected to the guiyang city in guizhou province and guangzhou city, guangdong province of passenger dedicated line, line since guizhou guiyang north station, the trait of guizhou miao and buyi national minority autonomous prefecture, guangxi guilin [1], congratulation state, guangdong zhaoqing city of guangzhou, foshan to guangzhou south station. Design standard is double electric passenger dedicated line, infrastructure design speed (civil design speed) of 300 km/hour without a frantic jumble of railway hub (among them, in the area of guiyang - dragon and zhaoqing, guangzhou is 200 ~ 250 km/h) have a frantic jumble of railway total length of 857 km, 207.5 kilometers in guangdong and guangxi in 348.5 km, 301 km in guizhou.

    Implementation project of various kinds of data and working process of electronic, information, and according to the construction plan and the project schedule/benchmark investment control, real-time tracking, comparative analysis.

    Digitization projectBrand Concept

  • XiLuoDuXiluodu digital dam

    Xiluodu Digital Dam

    Located in the Xiagu River segment of the Jinsha River, namely in Leibo County, Sichuan Province and Yongshan County,Yunnan Province, it is China's second largest hydropower station under construction after the Three Gorges Hydropower Station. Normally, the reservoir storage level is 600m, and the total reservoir capacity is 11.57 billion with the total installed capacity of 13.86 million KW. Xiluodu Hydropower Station is an integrated extra-large water resources and hydropower project with the main purpose of power generation, nevertheless, it is also used for flood control, sediment deduction and navigation conditions improvement in the downstream of the river to achieve comprehensive utilization benefits.

    INS has been engaged in the Xiluodu project for more than 8 years and has achieved great success in the construction process management, enterprise project management, system integration, construction equipment management, multimedia engineering visualization platform construction and so on.

    Hydropower projectHydropower station

  • GangZhuAoThe prefabricated pipe joint hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge tunnels

    gangzhuao prefabricated bridge, tunnels socket

    Hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge is our country after the three gorges project, qinghai-tibet railway, south-north water diversion project, west-east gas, the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway after another major infrastructure projects, even Hong Kong, zhuhai and Macao west, east bridge, island, tunnel as one of the very large sea-crossing passage. Bridge by immersed tube tunnel, things of artificial island of immersed tube tunnel is integrated in the world the most difficult one of immersed tube tunnel.

    Prefabricated pipe joint damage cracks of concrete are not allowed to appear very strict temperature control.

    Transportation engineeringbridge


    national oil reserve base

    national oil reserve base is one of China's strategic petroleum reserve, is in order to deal with emergencies, prevent oil supply risks, is one of the important measures "to ensure national energy security".

    The thought construction management assistance base the first successful use in the industry.

    Infrastructure projectsThe oil underground structure

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